Me in Media

317819_150558221711618_932721583_nAlready many years i appeared in several media and press.
Like always, i love it all and my parents safed it all.

Honkbalsite (European Championship Dutch U23 2019)
Dagblad010 (Local press 2019)
AD Article (National Press 2016)
Schiedams Dagblad (Local Press 2016)
Metro (National Press 2016)
Rotterdam Topsport Magazine (Sportmagazine 2015, page 52 & 53)
MLB Camp 2014 (LookTV)
Huldiging Stadshuis Rotterdam RUB (Wereldkampioenschap 2011)

Signing with the Arizona Western College (2018)
Interview BaseballDeWorld (2018)
Weekkrant (European Championship 2013)
Nederlandse Honkbalsite (European Championship 2012)
Topsport Rotterdam Magazine (European Championship 2012)
KNBSB (MLB Elite Camp 2014)
MLB TV Elite Camp 2014 (Salabaganza Tournament Italy 2010)

Little League World Series 2011
World Series 01
World Series 02
World Series 03
World Series 04
– World Series 05

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