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Angelo Wicklert is a right-handed-pitcher and Utility player played till 2022 in the Dutch Major League for the Hoofddorp Pioniers and former member of the farm team of Neptunus, Rotterdam. He became the first young pitcher in Dutch history to become five-time European Champion in four consecutive plus one years, in two different competitions before age of 18.



Angelo Wicklert is born in The Hague and grew up in both The Hague and Schiedam in The Netherlands between 1998-present. He is a right-handed-pitcher and Utility player who played by the Rotterdam Baseball Academy the Unicorns and with the farm team of Neptunus, Rotterdam since 2011 and became the first young pitcher in Dutch history to become European Champion in four consecutive plus one years in two different competitions before age 17. Started on age 3 with baseball, he first played some peanutball for a small club in The Hague before he signed in on age 4 by Neptunus Rotterdam. On age 6 he started as regular batboy for 5 years for the first team of Neptunus Rotterdam in the regular competition and during many European cup tournaments. In 2010, at pupil age 11, he became the Best Pitcher on the Italian Sala Baganza Tournament and was invited for the Baseball Academy Rotterdam, lead by the former Neptunus and New York Yankee player Robert Eenhoorn. On age 12 he played with the Little League team Rotterdam at the 2011 Little League World Series, in Williamsport, USA. Team Rotterdam won the Dutch National Little League and the European Little League undefeated in 14 games.

He was pitcher for the winning Dutch Cadet team on the 2012 European Championships in Czech as a reliever. In 2013 he was starting pitcher on the European Championship for the Dutch cadets in Sweden to defend the European title, not allowing any hit in 4 innings and was starter on the semi-final against Russia. In 2014 he was invited for the Dutch AAA team. As a youngster he throws high 80Mph fastballs, in between breaking balls and low 80’s sweepy curve balls. By that he was selected in 2014 to participating the MLB European Academy tournament in Tirrenia, Italy, the MLB mini camp in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands and the MLB Elite camp in Tirennia, Italy and finished in 2014 on the first MLB Fall Tournament in the Netherlands with games against Germany and Italy.

In 2015 and 2016 he participated on the MLB Camp in Barcelona en become member of the Big League League team The Dutch Lions who became European Champion Big League. The team went to the Big League World Series in Easley, NC. In 2016 he was starter in their first game against defending Champion Puerto Rico. They won their second game against Canada with 1-8, in which game he was a pinch hitter with a solid hit. In the Consolidation game against SouthWest he played for the first time since the World Series in 2011 Short Stop en had two at bats, 2 hits, 2 RBI and two runs. In 2016 he also appeared in the 2016 International Stars College Showcase in Phoenix, Arizona and took some scolarships under considering offered by a few colleges and universities. He decided to finish Dutch high school first. End 2016 Angelo is invited by 4 teams to play in the CBLE 2017 and he decited to join team Cavaliers with homebase in Antwerp, Belgium. He also was invited by almost all Dutch Major League teams to join the teams. He decided to take the opportunity to join team Hoofddorp Pioniers. They where the only team who gave him pitching and utility possibilities.

In 2017 Angelo started as member of the Omron Pioniers Rookies but soon joined the first Pioniers team and had his debut op 29.04.2017 in the series vs Pickles UVV as third baseman and had his pitching debut in the Dutch Major League on 30.04.2017 against the same opponent in the 7th inning as end-reliever. He was invited for two summer league Tournaments in 2017. As member for the Future Stars team U23 as outfielder he hit the only tournament Grand-Slam HR against the Czech national Team U23 in the Prague Basebaal Week. He also participated the Collegiate Baseball League Europe in summer of 2017 with Team Cavaliers from Antwerp as Pitcher/Utility.

In 2018 again he participated the Meerlease Pioniers as pitcher/utility in the Dutch Major League. In the summer of 2018, during the Dutch summer season stop, he participated the International Future Stars team in Prague where throwed his first 92+ Mph pitches. It delivered him a pre-spot in the Dutch U23 Kingdom team and an invitation for the Arizona Classis Fall MLB World Team.

During his stay in Arizona Phoenix in october 2018 he played games with the MLB World Select Team against several College and minor-league teams and get offers to play the season 2019. He choose to continue both study and play over signing. He accepted a double sport and study scolarship of the Arizona Western College to play season 2019 & 2020 with the Yuma Matadors in the NCJAA Division I. In the same week he get elected for the National Team Kingdom of the Netherlands U23 to participate the WBSC World Cup U23 2018. In 3 games and 5.2 IP he was reliever with 1 Win and became European best pitcher with a 1.59 ERA.

In 2019 after playing only a few games, during a injury, as freshmen for the Arizona Western College, he was selected for Team Kingdom of the Netherlands U23 to play the European Championships in Prague, Czech. After the Championships he went back to re-join the Matadors to prepare the 2020 College season.

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